Herbal Cold and Flu


“A Cold Prevented is Better Than a Cold Cured”

This is a beginner cold and flu care course. Its focus is on preventive steps you can take, immune supporting recipes you can make, and beginning herbal cold care instruction. In this course there are many general remedies that you can employ to support your immune system so that your body has the best chance at healing. Preplanning and prevention are clearly of the utmost importance to natural healing. Be prepared! If you get a cold, you will not feel like making anything and some of the supplies are not easy to buy locally. Free updates are included.



“A Cold Prevented is Better Than a Cold Cured”

This is a beginner natural healing and herbal remedy recipe course with pdf and videos. The most important component to healing naturally is prevention. I talk a lot about prevention and this course is no different. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to heal naturally. In many cases you can avoid an illness or at least lessen its impact on you life.

Being prepared for the inevitable seasonal cold is the second most important prevention to avoiding pharmaceuticals. There is over 46 minutes of preliminary “Cold Care with Herbs” instruction.  Video instruction on how to make elderberry syrup, hand sanitizer, thieves balls, bone broth, and onion cough syrup. Preventative nutrients and life style adjustments. And essential oil recommendations.

I made this course so that you will be able to come back. I will be updating it periodically.

Natural herbal cold care includes a broader scope of different types of coughs, various states of sinus afflictions, conditional constitutions, and complications. This beginners course focuses on general body immune support and recipes you can easily implement at home. It is not meant to take the place of medical advice for your specific condition. If at anytime you feel like more advance care is required, call your doctor.