Bitters: Tootsy Bitters, 6 Bottles (1 oz)


Quality over quantity and impact over empire is a core motto. We are a family owned, local Apothecary built into a tiny house. Every product is handmade. I use my creative nature, love for herbs, and passion to reach the natural health novice in every formula. I am both a Certified Nutrition Professional and Registered Herbalist, so I take every opportunity to enhance nutritional profiles with herbs and food. You can be assured that my products are of the highest quality, extremely potent extracts of herbal medicine, without fillers or toxic extraction processes.

*No hexanie, No CO2, No GOMs, No Soy, No Gluten, No Dairy, and Vegan

Because we are based in a tiny house and I homeschool, our time and space capacity is limited. We will prioritize on a first come first serve basis. Our capacity to grow will expand as our children grow.

Order Limits

The Maximum unity size per order is 64, 1 oz bottles for each flavor of bitter or oils. Meaning… you can order several different flavors of bitters or different oils as long as each flavor only has 64, 1 oz bottles.

Product Sizes

Most of my products come in the standard 1 oz amber glass bottle. At times I will have special more unique bottes available. And of course if you want larger bottles available for your clientele, I am more than happy to accommodate. Larger bottles often have an additional discount. Feel free to contact me if you want different size bottles.

The Wholesale Process
The first level of the process is the Application Inquiry form. Please fill out the inquiry form and submit it. I will review your inquiry and get back to you. The second level is an email with the Wholesale Application form. That and the required documentation must be correctly submitted to receive access to a wholesale account. I would like to point out that although anyone could be a distributor, my business is not necessarily the right fit for everyone. I built this two level application process to help us become aware of each other’s needs and limitations, ultimately saving us both precious time. If our expectations and goals are compatible, let us start a beautiful relationship in which both of our businesses bloom and grow. If not, I still wish to make a new friend.


Please do your best to stay within the retail price range I suggest. I realize this will depend on your particular demographic.

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Bitters American’s Love to Taste

Without absorption, nutrient rich food is of no use. Your body is built on what is absorbed from the good food you eat.
Bitters prepare the body to digest the food you eat. Bitters stimulate sensors throughout the digestive tract to release enzymes that enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. Promotes gut health, manage sugar cravings, detoxifies, and aids in mild acid reflux.
Around the world and throughout history, bitters have been a crucial part of digestive health and maintenance of total body wellness. There is a tradition of enjoying bitters during a meal in every country except modern America. Day Spring Botanicals created Bitters that Americans will enjoy.
Wholesale Price 1 oz: 6 for $45
Suggested Retail Price 1 oz: $15-20/ 1 oz bottle
Directions: Place a few drops on tongue before eating

Ingredients Tootsy: palm glycerin, organic cacao, water, organic alcohol, organic orange, organic cinnamon, organic artichoke, organic spices.

Indications:  Gallbladder and enhance digestion

Important: If you want other bitters, fill free to make suggestions.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Daily Value not established